Getting Back on Track after Selecting the Wrong Course

It’s the low hum in your mind late at night, keeping you awake. It’s the distress beacon that
permeates your thoughts. It’s the fear that drifts in and out...

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Hear it from 8 of the most inspiring fictional characters!

Got extremely lower grades than expected? Can’t get into the college you’ve always wanted to go to? Feeling like your life has stopped moving ahead...

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My father often tells me “If I was a student in this generation I wouldn’t even have passed the boards, let alone get a degree”. Well my father is one of the few cool dads who understand the pressure and competition we students f...

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Lesli stands for Learning to Excel in School and Life – and has been conceived of as an organization – that will address many of these challenging issues related to choice of academic pathways and future career options. Lesli has been founded by someone – who not only excelled academically and professionally – but eventually found his passion of life in enabling education and training of young people.