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India had already been kept on the pedestal in front of the world by Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster, the God of cricket. His game not only lifted the status of the Indian cricket team but also that of India as a whole. He had made India...

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1. Battered 

‘Battered by the storm that brews,

she stood still standing in her colourless hues.’


The image was shot on a barren grassland in the Sou...

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Even though I still sometimes stumble around the process of baking, I am now fairly confident with my skills as I have years of baking failures as well as triumphs under my belt. Whenever I set out to bake something new, I always look back fondly ...

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Lesli stands for Learning to Excel in School and Life – and has been conceived of as an organization – that will address many of these challenging issues related to choice of academic pathways and future career options. Lesli has been founded by someone – who not only excelled academically and professionally – but eventually found his passion of life in enabling education and training of young people.