Stream Selection

Stream Selection

If you are student of Class IX or X in CBSE/ICSE/ State Board or in Class VIII in certain other Board, you will soon be required to choose your Study Stream viz. Arts, Science, Commerce or Craft and Design. This Test will guide you to take the best decision using the most Scientific method.

About the Test

Our comprehensive Stream Selection Test – comprises of measurement of your intrinsic abilities and inclinations. Making the decision to select your Stream of Study might appear quite simple – as you are aware of your current subjects and your interest in them.

However, there are much more academics to follow and the careers that each stream of study leads to are very diverse. Taking a scientific and comprehensive view of this decision cannot be overemphasized.

Our Stream Selection Packages for class VIII/IX & X Students

We have two packages of services for you to make the best Stream Selection Choice as below:

Stream Sure

  • Stream Selection Test
  • Counseling Level 1: Choose your most appropriate stream (Arts, Science, Commerce etc) and future career
  • Online support for one year
Price : 5900/- Buy Now

Stream Success

  • Stream Selection Test
  • Counseling Level 1: Choose your most appropriate stream (Arts, Science, Commerce etc) and future career
  • Test 2: Discover your intrinsic needs and challenges
  • Counseling Level 2: Set right goals and long term plans
  • Coaching for Success: Learn to deal with your challenges, leveraging your strength - towards attaining your identified goals
  • Online support for one year
Price : On request

NOTE: We also provide professional assistance with college admission - for courses in India and abroad. Fees for the same varies and charged separately.

Stream Sure is to undertake the Stream Selection Test that measures your intrinsic abilities and inclinations. Based on these measures our experts will recommend you the most suitable Stream of Study – which will lead to specific careers and professions. The recommendations will then be explained to you in a Counseling Session. You will also be provided with a comprehensive report on the same. This information is complete and sufficient for you to take the most informed decision on selecting your Study Stream.

Stream Success is a comprehensive package which includes additional Counseling Session, and additional Test - to reveal your intrinsic needs and challenges. You will be Coached based on these additional inputs towards better performance – which includes one year online support. We believe Class VIII, IX and X are foundation years for a student’s academic orientation and performance. Stream Success aims at helping you set your long term Academic and Career Goal and be guided to achieve success by our highly proficient Mentors and Coaches.

How to Take the Test

  • Please click the Select Button under the two package of services depending on whether you choose Stream Sure or Stream Success.
  • You will be taken to the Student Registration Page. Once you fill up all the information, you will be prompted to make the payment as indicated. Please make sure to remember your Mail ID and Password that you used during registration.
  • Once you press Pay you will be taken to our Secured payment Gateway. You can make payment using – Credit Card – Debit Card – Bank Account – PayTm and other modes.
  • You will receive an email giving detailed instructions and also the invoice of the payment made.
  • Once you made the payment – come back to the Home Page. You can Login to your Personal Dashboard - using the Mail ID and Password you used while registering.
  • For those who have made payment directly to our Sales Executives through POS machine–you will be given detailed instructions in our welcome E-Mail within 24 hours of making payment. You will be able to Login following those instructions.
  • Complete all sections of the Test that may take around 2 hours. You can complete the Test in multiple sessions. But we recommend you do not take more than 2 sessions.
  • Read all instructions before commencing any section of the Test – as each section has different instructions.
  • Once you completed all sections of the Test – the Test Dashboard will confirm the same. You can then visit your Personal Dashboard and book your counseling slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a form of written test to assess student’s potential on seven aptitude or intelligence parameters and on multiple types of work centric motivation.

Students of Class IX and X of all State or Central Education Board or Class VII if you are from another Board.

It takes you about 2 hours to get done with all the sections. Though some sections are timed - some do not have time limit. Kindly go through all the instructions before commencing to answer any section – as each section has different set of instructions. For all the timed sections, the clock will begin ticking as soon as you click to go to the Test section. Therefore, before you click to go to the actual test – please carefully read the instructions and be sure that you understand them.

No need of any prior academic preparation. You should however be fresh and not tired – so that you can remain alert and focused when taking the test. Being too tired or uncomfortable may affect your performance or answers.

The test will help students discover their Aptitude and Motivations in different activity areas. The outcome data will help us recommend you the best Study Stream to pursue that will lead you to the most suitable professions to choose from. Therefore your best performance in the Aptitude Sections and your most honest (usually the spontaneous) responses to the motivation sections are important, as our recommendations will be based on those scores. Therefore be fresh and alert, do not consult anyone else and give your best attempt at the test.

After you complete the test, our experts will analyze your scores and recommend specific Study Stream most suitable for you. This will be discussed by your Counselor during the one-on-one counseling session and clarify any questions and doubts. A copy of the Report recommending your specific Study Stream will be mailed to you.

Kindly refer to our "How to take the Test" and follow the same.