As someone that has been exposed to the methods of education both in India and in England, I am glad to share my perspective on how these systems compare.

In India – where I did my ICSE – there is an emphasis on retention and...

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Hello Students,

While you are ready to make real life choices post exams - it’s time to step back and look at the bigger picture, before you jump into your first step towards your dream career.

Traditionally students in I...

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So, do you enjoy understanding the complexity and dynamics of human Behavior, emotions and mental processes? Are you interested in using this understanding to treat the recurrent behavioral issues and problems? Do you have a genuine desire to help...

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About Us

Lesli stands for Learning to Excel in School and Life – and has been conceived of as an organization – that will address many of these challenging issues related to choice of academic pathways and future career options. Lesli has been founded by someone – who not only excelled academically and professionally – but eventually found his passion of life in enabling education and training of young people.