Another year and a whole new set of resolutions and promises. How well we know that these last a month or two and we are all back to our old ways. When we speak of our children, we very well know how Instagram is deleted in January and is back in ...

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How amazing would it be if students were to know the secret behind getting admits from the Top Universities? We could just list out the SOPs for all the top universities and a student could just follow it and land into his/her dream university. Read more

United States of America (USA) continues to be the most advanced nation in the world. It’s robust economy is founded on a culture of research and innovation. Not only economically, but the country also leads the world in most areas of scienc...

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About Us

Lesli stands for Learning to Excel in School and Life – and has been conceived of as an organization – that will address many of these challenging issues related to choice of academic pathways and future career options. Lesli has been founded by someone – who not only excelled academically and professionally – but eventually found his passion of life in enabling education and training of young people.