Picture this. A majestic building, with the subtlest touch of elegance. Beautiful skies and green pastures. A lake on your right is merely the cherry on top of the cake. Just then, you hear babbling in a foreign language. You don't understand ...

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  There was once a boy,

  He liked watching Popeye.

  Soon came the time when he had to take his life’s biggest decision,

  But he had not given much thought to anything more than Popeye on t...

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It was just another rainy day in June and like any other 10th grader, I was eagerly awaiting the results of my board examinations. Ah, it was an explosive amalgamation of nervousness and exhilaration! As it turned out, I fared pretty well in my ex...

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About Us

Lesli stands for Learning to Excel in School and Life – and has been conceived of as an organization – that will address many of these challenging issues related to choice of academic pathways and future career options. Lesli has been founded by someone – who not only excelled academically and professionally – but eventually found his passion of life in enabling education and training of young people.