Psychometric Testing and Career Counseling

Psychometric Testing and Career Counseling

Formal education must have a definite goal and objective – which is to live the best possible version of one’s own life. Simply following the popular trend and chasing the most lucrative career is not the path to leading a happy and successful life. Because every life is unique and is uniquely suited for a particular career path. Therefore, before enrolling for any higher education program – it is essential that one discovers what career would ideally fit one’s intrinsic abilities and inclinations? Lesli conducts its own signature Psychometric Test – to provide the most accurate and actionable academic and career guidance.

“Firstly, thank you so much for all the hard work that is going behind helping me achieve a better future.

As a student in the 11th grade with typical Indian parents having fear of their child's future, I have taken quite a few aptitude tests and career guidance sessions. If I am being completely honest, I was not satisfied with the results as either it would give a career option that I hadn’t even thought about or it would ask me what I wanted to be and give me exactly that as the results; this seemed rather a waste of time, money and efforts. When I recently gave the Lesli Stream Sure test, I noticed how long it was and I was a bit skeptical as I thought it would be the same as others but this test asked me questions that I hadn’t answered before and at first, I didn’t see the need for them. The results nearly shocked me as even though the first career recommendation was not what I hoped for, it did seem like a career choice I might enjoy or which perfectly fits my personality. Following that came the choices I wished for. Moreover, the results also told me about my weaknesses and difficulties that I might face through the course of my journey into the career. Read More ...

While giving the Stream Success Test 2, I realized that the questions were more personal but I didn’t feel hesitant to answer them; especially because of the number of times the instructions reminded me that the data of this test would remain highly confidential. I actually enjoyed taking this test as it led to self-introspection and I learned a lot about myself and about the thoughts that I always fear thinking about. Post the test, I had a counselling session with the counsellor who spoke to me about my test. The discussion mainly revolved around the factors that can possibly hamper my outcomes and efficiency of working towards my goals. Furthermore, it is always great for a teenager to know that someone would love to listen to your problems and not belittle them or give bad advice. The call did motivate me but also taught me that these kind of motivations last only a small period of time and one must constantly keep themselves motivated by creating a vision board, and read about one’s inspirations. Thank you Lesli!”

Arya Nair, Class XI, S M Shetty International School, Bangalore

Psychometric Testing and Career Counseling

Our psychometric test is designed to reveal your inherent abilities and interests taking into account numerous factors – and arrive at your ideal study pathway and career.

Following are the different Tests for different educational levels.