Found yourself in the wrong course

Getting Back on Track after Selecting the Wrong Course

It’s the low hum in your mind late at night, keeping you awake. It’s the distress beacon that
permeates your thoughts. It’s the fear that drifts in and out of your thoughts every Monday
morning without fail. You can’t ignore it any longer: you’re not just in the wrong job, you’re
in the wrong field altogether. You took a serious wrong turn somewhere in your career, yet
starting fresh seems even more terrifying than staying the course. Now what?

Selecting the right stream is one of the most important decisions in any student’s life. Be
truthful to your passion. What stream should you follow during Class XI-XII/Junior College?
What subjects to study in college? To answer these questions rationally – you must know –
what career path you want to choose. But in the absence of a proper psychometric test – it is
just a guess work. Maybe you get it right and maybe not.

The Life of an Engineering student is a good example. A kid comes to know about
engineering and IIT in grade 9th or 10 th . Encouraged and advised by family and well wishers
– it is decided that he should study engineering and get into preparing for the same.
Thereafter school and coaching classes – keeps him intensely occupied for 12-14 hours a day
for good 2 years during his 1th and 12 th . Eventually he joins an engineering course and if
fortunate enough then even an IIT or NIT. But once the rigors of engineering course starts
many of them are unable to cope – dropping out or somehow earning a degree with many
repeats. The net result is that less than 10% of engineering graduates have clarity on basic
concepts of engineering. It means an overwhelming 90% of engineering graduates did not
have the required Aptitude for the course. Same is the case with many students studying in
reputed colleges such as IIT and NITs – a large percentage of them find out during their
engineering days – that they do not like the subject.

The result is out of nearly 8 Lakhs students who enrol in various engineering courses every
year – only about 10% of them manage to get into proper engineering jobs. The rest will join
various other jobs or go to pursue MBA – that does not require engineering qualification in
the first place. Similar stuff happens in every other field of study – that adds to the confusion
and frustration of millions of young graduates in India – who are unable to bag a job of their
liking or no job at all. There are many students who unable cope with these uncertainties –
gets into anxiety and depression.

That is why proper advice of a Career Counsellor is so crucial. All these confusions faced by
a student are cleared by Lesli – using their comprehensive psychometric test and highly
experienced counselors. Even for those – who already are in college and feels unsure of the
path ahead – there is hope, If you don’t want to spend hours and hours studying something
you are not meant for, and you are eager to jumpstart your future – seek the right guidance
from experts, Let Us Help You.