Aage ka kya socha hai?

“Where are you going for further education?”

“Oh, will it be safe since the cases have increased Na?” are all the questions constantly being shoved upon the students who dream to study abroad.

2020 to an extent has disrupted long term plans of people from all spheres and across the borders and so has the career plans for us students. But then uncertainties are new normal and not reason enough to give up all our dreams. Here is a check list a bird gave me which you might find useful.



Did you know that location of your college has significant impact on your placement opportunities Then of course there are colleges and countries that rate higher for different discipline and course. Now that is a lot of research guys – yes that is what the bird told me to tell you. And in the pandemic situation and aftermath, these decisions will be even more 

Unconventional careers

The bird also said “Do what you are good at and you will succeed”. Well what I think the bird meant is not stick to conventional study streams and careers – the new world demands new skills and new attitudes. Yes guys – the new employers are looking for people skilled at their work – no matter what it is and be adaptive. The new buzzwords are continuous education, online learning and gig workers engaged on project basis. So unless one has loves one’s work and reinvent oneself – one might not survive long. Kapoor saab sorry – no disrespect – but Bob Dylan says “For the times they are a changin”! 

Counselling with an expert

Yes! One might not have felt the need for a counselor in the past. But the disruption and uncertainties triggered by pandemic – has changed all that. There is every possibility of large information gap between what actually is happening and what one knows. Unfortunately the bird is too busy – to help each and every one of us with our questions and challenges. But she said “Choose a good study abroad counselor”. Makes sense right. A counselor who is in constant touch with the universities and colleges abroad is one person to depend on for most reliable information and application strategy.

I think it would be very unfair to not introduce you to me little bird. Say Hi!

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