_The Void_

Gist - ‘The Void’, my most recent poem, is about an outworldly experience of the narrator who finds himself isolated in a peculiar place, endlessly vast, where he begins to question his very existence and in turn discovers a deeper layer of being, while learning to be in harmony with the universe. The main idea of the poem is that the mind can be just as deep and endless as the vastness of space - “All the way inward is just as deep as all the outward is vast.”


_The Void_


I open my eyes,

To a hazy gaze,

Of an empty ocean,

Of endless space.


I float about,

Effortlessly so,

In needless desperacy,

For There's nowhere to go.


Neither an up nor a down,

Neither a left nor a right.

There's no life for infinity,

There's no person in sight.


Only my breath I feel,

Only my thoughts I see.

But even they dissolve,

Into the vast depths of the sea.


My sense of being,

Starts to fade away,

As I begin to embrace,

The quiet of the grey.


Listening carefully,

To the voice's mime,

I swim deeper,

Into the void of my own mind.


I feel distant, yet present;

I feel motionless, yet aware;

I feel minute, yet substantial.


What am I? I question.

Am I the things that I feel?

Am I the visions that I see?

Am I the void that I'm in?

Am I the consciousness within?


The answers,

I may never know;


Yet I float about,

Effortlessly so,

In endless harmony.

My thoughts at stow.



I’m Shreyas S Naik, an amateur photographer, writer and an aspiring computer scientist. I take photographs and write poems about the world and life within it, always with the intent of creating something meaningful. My work acts as a window to my mind and allows me to express my creative side. I take time to compose a piece and reiterate and refine little details until I feel like the words I've written truly bear the weight of the meaning they carry. While shooting photographs too, I take time to find the right composition that allows me to aptly capture the moment in all its grace. I love doing what I do, and do it in hopes of bringing out meaning in little moments of our lives.