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What is your belief

“It is not enough to have a god mind; the main thing is to use it well.” 

René Descartes (1596–1650) was a creative mathematician of the first order, an important scientific thinker, and an original metaphysician.

What is your belief?

Many people will be tempted to answer this question by talking about their religious belief. By the same logic many will reply saying they do not believe in anything. But the truth is – no human being is capable of living without a belief system. If that was ideas and ethics centered on religion in olden days – it was replaced by new ideas and philosophy as human society evolved. Then again some of us might say – I do not believe in any philosophy or big idea to talk of. So do I still have belief? Yes we all do – these are thoughts and ideas that we have formed through our life experience and also observing others. Therefore whatever we believe in – becomes the centre of our attention and spontaneously we begin to function in ways that conforms to such beliefs. Hence it is very important to hold positive view about our abilities and possibilities of life. These are called empowering beliefs. 

What however is to be done – if we have unknowingly nurtured beliefs that make us feel helpless or disempowered? For instance – if I believe I am dull – it is going to be very difficult for me to study and work hard. Because every time I attempt to study – I will feel discouraged thinking - since I am dull it is unlikely that I will understand and do well in this subject. If I live on with this belief for a year – naturally I will fare badly in academics in that year.

Beliefs typically begin with certain event(s) – such as poor performance in a test, an uncharitable comment by a teacher or senior in life, superior performance by close friends or siblings and so on. If unchecked – it leads to an assumption about our innate ability. If allowed to persist – for longer period these assumptions turn into a belief. 

Do not neglect performance deterioration or losing joy of studying and learning. You can turn it around. Should you require help – do contact us – we can surely help.


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Youth – best time to develop the habit of reading

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for."

It is a quote credited to Socrates (470 – 399 BC) who was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher. Socrates is credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, and as being the first moral philosopher of the Western ethical tradition of thought.

Hi I am Santanu – and during my school days we had the Indo- Pak war- that led to formation of Bangladesh. Pretty ancient! But I too was of your age sometime and learnt a few things about life.

Most important of them all is the habit of reading. Why do we have to read so much?

Scope and possibilities of a single human life is boundless. We see examples of it in many great personages from ancient and recent history of human race. While everyone might not achieve same heights of achievement such as Gandhiji or Socrates – it would be waste of lifetime – if we did not even familiarize ourselves with the power and potential inherent within our own life. Reading good books is the key.

At this time when we are forced to stay indoor – what better way to enrich our intellect than to begin this habit of reading. Of course all young people have to be reading for their school or college. But education should not be confined only to school curriculum. Put another way education does not end with completion of college and university. That way of life can lead to the somewhat unwholesome phenomenon of someone being qualified but not really educated about life. We will discuss that in another time.

But today I want to leave you with a few of my suggested books to read. Depending on your age – you might find some of them easy or difficult. But they are all classics – meaning their wealth of wisdom and ideas have transcended the time and period when they were written. They still can be great books to read, Some of you might find the language or the writing style – somewhat unusual. But please make serious attempt at reading one book – I guarantee you will enjoy it as you struggle through the first 20-30 pages. You might then want to read it again- and possibly you would! After-all generations of humanity have read these books and enriched their intellect and emotions of life.

I leave you today with a list of Classics which are all available online for free – some are social drama and some adventure stories. See if you find yourself in some of these characters – who are all pretty old by the way!

The Count of Monte Cristo – By Alexander Dumas

A fictional tale set in France about betrayal of friendship, political intrigue, learning and educating oneself under a mentor, building undying spirit of grit and perseverance, loyalty and eventual justice.

Pollyana – Classic by Eleanor H Porter

About the optimistic outlook of a girl orphaned at a young age – whowas taught by her father “The glad game”. This story of wit and strength of this young girl – was adopted for a number of movies.

The Eternal City – Classic by Sir Hall Caine

An European classic novel of love, idealism to create a just society, loyalty and friendship. This was the first novel to have sold a million copies worldwide.

So please enjoy your reading and do let us know what you think.

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Are you absolutely convinced about your career choice ?

Hi Students,

Im Dr. Nikhil Nasta, an Ophthalmologist from Mumbai. I was an Asst. Professor at a medical college for seven years before I started my practice. For those of you looking to enter Opthalmology as a career, let me share my journey so you get a first hand experience of the process. 

Right after my Std 12 Boards, I applied for engineering and medical. Medical admissions, as is the norm were delayed and delayed and more delayed. I secured a seat in BE Mech and finished 9 months there, thats a semester and a half. Then, when the seats for medical opened, I got a free seat at DYPMC on a waitlist. I was ecstatic, but my family did not want me to switch from engineering. They felt it was three years more to go to finish my engineering vs starting my MBBS and thus having to wait for five and a half years before I got my medical degree.

After many serious debates at home, I insisted and took up the seat. The thing here is that you have to be really passionate about your career choice as it defines you as a person later in life and is the key to your overall satisfaction. During MBBS my mind would fluctuate a lot depending on which posting I was doing. So I wanted to be a gynecologist, then orthopaedic, then paediatrician and so on as I completed the postings one by one. At the beginning of my internship, I had zeroed down on three PG choices, via  an exclusion process. First I decided broadly that I wanted to take a surgery field, so the paramedical fields like pathology and microbiology were out. Then I decided no  gynaecology or medical fields which need hospital duties and night duties like cardio and paediatrics. So essentially a surgical field, one that gives more money and no emergencies - so either ENT or Eye. Since I liked the Eye more, I selected that.

Now during the PG admission, I was getting a Diploma in Eye in Bombay vs MS in Belgaum. I was also getting any choice of MD seat in Bombay that I wanted. But I stuck to my choice and did not fluctuate from what I had decided, much against my parents' wishes who were keen to have me in Bombay. I refused the Diploma and chose a Degree course in Belgaum. 

After that I finished a couple of fellowships and worked at a few charitable hospitals till I was confident of my surgical skills. What I am trying to highlight for you all in this journey is that I had a strong unshakeable conviction about my career choice! Hailing from a non medical background, my parents had many doubts about my decisions. The guides for me were my mentors, my seniors, my teachers and my self research which was very very strong. I knew what I was headed for and how long my path would be. I could prepare for the hurdles and the challenges and my focus never once shifted from my goal.

If you guys have the same amount of dedication and persistence, then go ahead and make your dreams a reality. Keep your eyes and ears open and store the information you gather. Keep working hard, take advice from the best in the field. This will prepare you to go ahead on the path to a successful career.

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